Carita O’Rourke | Marketing & Business Consultant, Seeking Collaboration Opportunities

Jeimy is my favorite creative director and designer because she is methodical, extremely creative, and a kind-hearted human being. I have worked with many designers in my career, spanning both the East and West Coasts. It is rare to find someone who pushes the boundaries of creativity without compromising business objectives. Her design aesthetic is refined and sophisticated. Every element is purposeful and she is continuously thinking about the whole experience, not just the specific piece at hand. She believes creating experiences is what builds brand loyalty.
I have also witnessed first-hand how Jeimy mentors designers to help them take their thinking to the next level and help them create multiple creative solutions rather than just checking the box. She does all this with grace and zero ego.

Jeimy is an incredible soul who finds joy in helping others, being a source of calm in the midst of chaos, and constantly seeking to better herself and the people around her.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jeimy and feel lucky to have had the privilege of working side-by-side with her and to now call her a true friend. You will not find anyone else like her.