Jeimy Ro | Creative Director

As a creative director I worked with organizations of every size, turning their visions into effective, insightful and focused driven creative. I have 16 years of experience as a designer and creative director. I enjoy mentoring designers, creating the right environment for a successful creative piece.

I have a passion for travel, food, art, fashion, and sports.

I love architecture and industrial design. I am fascinated that architects have the power to shape entire cities. Much like designers, they have a vision and bring it to life. We shape chaos into something symmetric and visually coherent.

When I am not reading Vogue or architectural digest, you can find me playing soccer or finding the next greatest food spot. I make it my job to find good food and tell my friends about it. If you want to bribe me, you can do it with food.

Those who know me personally and professionally say I am the calm in the midst of a hurricane. I am peaceful, methodical, and find utmost joy in connecting with people and organizations who want to leave this world a better place than they found it.